NewPath Question Packs Bundled with MimioVote™ Assessment System

CAMBRIDGE, MA Oct. 18, 2010 DYMO/Mimio ITT, a provider of interactive teaching technologies, is pairing up with NewPath Learning, a publisher of hands-on curriculum resources, to make it even easier for educators to ensure their lessons align with national and state standards. With each MimioVote assessment system purchased, teachers will receive a coupon for a free question set CD from NewPath Learning in their choice of subject and grade level.

“This partnership makes perfect sense as both DYMO/Mimio ITT and NewPath Learning strive to provide educators with the high quality tools they need to be effective in the classroom,” said Karen Mahon, Ed.D., DYMO/Mimio ITT content manager. “One of the goals of the Mimio content strategy is to provide meaningful assessment opportunities in all of our lessons and activities.  And a great benefit of the NewPath Learning materials is that they are leveled by grade and aligned to national and state curriculum standards, which is often a requirement in schools.” 

As more and more states begin to adopt a common set of standards across the nation, it is more important than ever to equip teachers with the materials they need to ensure their lessons and their students are in line with those goals. 

The MimioVote and NewPath Learning question pack bundle is unique to the industry.

Specifically designed for use with DYMO/Mimio ITT interactive solutions, each question set features 750 illustrated review questions, divided into 25 topic-based subsets. The question sets provide comprehensive coverage of current national/state standards and are available for math, science, language arts and social studies for first through eighth grade, as well as for high school sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics and earth science. 

Once the questions are installed in the MimioStudio® 7 software, teachers can simply drag and drop them from the gallery into lessons, enhancing interactivity while ensuring the assessment component of the lesson is standards-based. Students can respond to questions using the MimioVote assessment system, while teachers receive real-time feedback about their comprehension. 

The MimioVote is a revolutionary assessment system. Wireless and rechargeable, the MimioVote system features “illuminated response” technology, which lights only the buttons that the question requires on the handheld device, eliminating error in answer choices and increasing the accuracy of assessments. In addition, the handheld devices automatically renumber themselves when placed in the recharging tray, saving teachers time and hassle.

Other MimioVote system benefits include:

  • Progress tracking with instant feedback, as well as scores tallied over time
  • Ability to download student results into spreadsheets and lesson plans, for clear achievement records
  • Teacher-led or self-paced testing options
  • Rechargeable tray, meaning no need to replace batteries — ever

Visit NewPath’s products are used in thousands of classrooms nationwide and were awarded the 2009 Teacher’s Choice Award by Learning Magazine.