Today’s Discovery: Teachers Are Explorers

Teachers are explorers

Christopher Columbus Teachers Are Explorers
Today is the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. It’s also an excellent time to reflect on the everyday expeditions of American educators.

While we may not always look at our teachers as fearless adventurers, they are most definitely explorers.

Their fearless enthusiasm as they venture into a new, uncharted classroom every year is commendable.

They lead the way for their students, adapting to new environments (and standards) and creating new paths as they go.

They understand a map’s purpose and its value, all while recognizing that sometimes deviating from the guidebook is the smartest thing you can do.

They encourage kids to embrace the unknown and empower them to discover the answers for themselves.

They know that they have to find new and creative ways to use the resources available to them in order to reach new heights of understanding.

And most importantly, despite all of the uncertainties and challenges they face every day, teachers have fun on these adventures.

They know that the discoveries are worth it and that the rewards can be great.

Oh, and much like the work of our explorers, the work of a teacher just might change the world.