NewPath Learning’s Take Home Modules Extend Learning Time and Promote Parental Involvement

NewPath Parental Involvement Take Home Learning Module

NewPath Learning
Parental Involvement Take Home Modules

The influence of parental involvement on a student’s success cannot be understated. Many educational leaders are looking for ways in which they can enable parents to support learning at home and positively impact student outcomes.

NewPath’s easy-to-use Take-Home Learning Modules provide an easy-to-use program for teachers to get parents more engaged in their children’s education. They offer many benefits to both parents and teachers.


  • Provides an educational, yet fun way for students and their parents to review key concepts
  • Includes a complete set of ready-to-use games with simple instructions that are standard for all 75 games!
  • Features illustrated, self-correcting questions so parents can help – even on unfamiliar skills & concepts!
  • Requires just a few minutes of fun-filled, home review each evening to reinforce comprehension – perfect for test prep!
  • Establishes a routine pattern of nightly study, supported by parental participation
  • Fosters positive interaction and communication between students and their parents


  • Provides an easy-to-use means of home study, reinforced by parental involvement
  • Includes Parent/Teacher Resource Guide to facilitate implementation
  • Each game provides materials for up to 4 players: 30 standards-based review questions, game board, game pieces & easy-to-follow parent instructions
  • Features laminated game boards and heavy stock review cards – packed in durable, weatherproof pouches for years of use!
  • Also perfect for open house or “family fun” nights at school!

Most importantly – these award-winning learning games deliver results. Here’s what teachers are saying:

“90% of my students realized 1 to 2 grade levels of academic growth in one year!”

“We increased from an overall ELA passing rate of 67.6% to 76.6%! Our overall passing rate in Math increased from 67.5% to 81.5%!”


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