Engaging & Educational – A Winning Combination for After-School & Summer-School Programs!

After School / Summer SchoolNewPath’s Curriculum Mastery® Learning System is ideal for After-School and Summer Programs. The goal of each grade level appropriate game is to help students improve their skills in Math, ELA/Reading, Science and Social Studies. The products are designed to reinforce standards-based curriculum using an alternative game-based approach that is both engaging and educational. The games also provide group interaction to motivate students to study core curriculum topics in an After-School setting.

In addition to the hands-on games, the system also includes technology learning components – both CD and Web-based teaching tools – that supplement instruction and enhance the learning process.

NewPath’s Curriculum Mastery® Learning System requires minimal instruction and supervision of students. It is flexibly configured and can be easily integrated into a variety of settings, including an intervention program, learning center or as part of a program to enhance parental involvement.

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