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Perfect for use on interactive whiteboards or computers!

Interactive Whiteboard SoftwareNewPath Learning’s Classroom Presentation/Assessment Prep software provides interactive, standards-based review questions ideal for review and reinforcement of key concepts and skills! Our

interactive whiteboard resources

can be used with the whole class via interactive whiteboard or on an unlimited number of computers within your school building. Available for Grade 1–8 Math, Reading/ELA and Social Studies as well as Grade 1–High School Science, the series was recently accredited by SMART Technologies as “SMART Ready”. Each CD includes the following features:

  • Compatible with either Windows or Mac.
  • 750 Illustrated review questions covering 25 standards-based topics for a specific grade and subject
  • Display questions from a single or multiple topics and save your selections as a lesson plan
  • Provide instant feedback along with the time on task, number of attempts, percent answered correctly, and number of questions remaining

Interactive Whiteboard resources
Interactive Whiteboard for Classrooms