CDC Coronavirus Safety Signs Set of 5 - English/Spanish


Perfect coronavirus safety signs for any classroom!

The outbreak of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 or 2019-nCoV) highlights the importance of understanding how such viruses infect us and how we can protect ourselves and others!

Each 18” x 12” chart is double-sided and laminated. One side provides illustrated safety information in English, and the reverse in Spanish

The CDC Coronavirus Safety Signs Set includes the following 5 charts:

  1. Symptoms of COVID-19Provides a list of the symptoms of COVID-19, as well the emergency warning signs. 
  2. Managing Your SymptomsLists 10 things you can do to manage your COVID-19 symptoms are home
  3. Stop the SpreadHelp prevent the spread of COVID-19 with these strategies.
  4. Wash Your HandsIllustrated instructions of properly washing your hands!
  5. Germs are all Around You!Illustrated view of germs lurking in common places.
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