4th Grade Language Arts Skills Curriculum Learning Module Texas Edition

Provides a complete set of resources designed to support teacher instruction and student mastery of 25 standards-based, 4th Grade Language Arts topics including:
    1. Syllables/Spelling Patterns 2. Vocabulary 3. Literary Elements 4. Drawing Conclusions 5. Main Idea 6. Inferences 7. Summarizing 8. Supporting Details 9. Predictions 10. Cause/Effect, Fact/Opinion 11. Text Feature Meaning 12. Interpret Information 13. Spelling 14. High Frequency Words I 15. High Frequency Words II 16. Roots, Prefixes & Suffixes 17. Capitalization/Punctuation 18. Context Clues 19. Parts of a Book 20. Dictionary/Thesaurus 21. Literal/Inferential/Evaluative 22. Graphic Organizers 23. Vivid Language in Writing 24. Genre 25. Well Known Literature
Used in combination or individually, the resources provide detailed instruction of key concepts through a blend of technology-based instruction combined with hands-on review/reinforcement and game-based learning.

4th Grade Language Arts Curriculum Learning Module Includes:
  • Curriculum Mastery Game (22-4041)
  • Flip Chart Set (32-4001)
  • Visual Learning Guide Set (62-4001)
  • 1-Year Online Learning Subscription (51-0001)
Covers Texas Language Arts Standards! Integrated Program Provides Both Hands-On & Online Learning Resources. Ideal for: Differentiated Instruction, Learning Centers, Small Groups, Individual Review, and as a Classroom Resource.

$385 value for ONLY $179.95!
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