CALIFORNIA Grade 3 Math Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM - Site License


CALIFORNIA Grade 3 Math Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM - Site License

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Standards-Based, Interactive Review Cards are Perfect for Review and Assessment Prep!
Includes 750 interactive review cards, providing comprehensive coverage of the current California Content Standards. Perfect for use in review and assessment preparation by an individual student or for use on an Interactive Whiteboard with the entire class. Compatible with either Windows or Mac. Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics -

1. Number Words to 1,000
2. Skip Counting
3. Odd/Even Numbers
4. Adding Money
5. Rounding to Nearest 10
6. Commutative Property
7. Associative Property
8. Measurement
9. Unit of Measure
10. Patterns
11. 3-Digit Subtraction
12. Division
13. Fractions
14. Greater Than/Less Than
15. Place Value
16. Shapes
17. Time
18. Multiplication
19. Graphs & Charts
20. Estimation
21. Word Problems
22. Ordering & Comparing Numbers
23. Determine the One Operation Function
24. Probability
25. Geometry

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