MimioVote Middle School Life Science Question Set

Specifically Designed for Use with the MimioVote Assessment System!
Standards-based, interactive questions are ready-to-import into your MimioVote assessment system - and perfect for review and assessment prep! Includes 750 illustrated, interactive review cards - divided into 25 topic-based subsets. Site license provides for unlimited use on any MimioVote system within your school. Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics -

1. The World of Life Science
2. Diversity of Life
3. Cells: The Basic Units of Life
4. Cell Processes
5. Cell Reproduction
6. Genetics - Study of Heredity
7. Modern Genetics
8. The Evolution & Interaction of Living Things
9. Bacteria & Viruses
10. Protists & Fungi
11. Introduction to Plants
12. Plant Processes
13. Plant Reproduction
14. Introduction to Animals
15. Sponges, Cnidarians & Worms
16. Mollusks, Arthropods & Echinoderms
17. Fishes, Amphibians & Reptiles
18. Birds & Mammals
19. Bones, Muscles & Skin
20. The Digestive System & Nutrition
21. Circulation & Immunity
22. Respiration & Excretion
23. The Nervous System
24. The Endocrine System & Reproduction
25. Ecosystems, Food Chains & Food Webs

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