Complete Set of 6 Elementary Multimedia Science Lessons

Single User Version - W54-3700 - $99.95 Allows installation of the Multimedia Lesson on a single computer. Multi-User Version - W54-3900 - $249.95 Allows installation of the Multimedia Lesson on an unlimited number of computers within a single school building. Mac and Win Compatible. The Perfect Complement to Any Elementary Science Curriculum!

Developed in partnership with National Institutes of Health (NIH) and thoroughly researched and extensively tested in the classroom to ensure the maximum positive impact on student comprehension, NewPath’s Multimedia Lessons offer a proven method for ensuring student success!
For additional information on the NIH Research ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Study: “Impact to Using NewPath’s Science Multimedia Lessons on Student Learning”

Innovative Elementary Science Multimedia Lessons can be used by your students on their computers or laptops…or on your classroom’s Interactive Whiteboard! The lessons follow the 5E Science Learning Cycle method of instruction - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluation - and are perfect for individual student instruction, one-to-one computing initiatives, flipping the classroom, or whole class presentation.

Each lesson contains

  • a comprehensive array of animated and narrated tutorials
  • interactive exercise and activities
  • a virtual lab investigation
  • illustrated glossary
  • assessments

Virtual Lab: What are Ecosystems?
  • Environment
  • Living and Nonliving Things
  • What is an Ecosystem?
  • An Organism’s Habitat & Niche
  • Population & Community
  • Parts of an Ecosystem
  • How Does an Ecosystem Work?
  • Kinds of Ecosystems
  • Energy in an Ecosystem
  • Producers, Consumers & Decomposers
  • How Do Ecosystems Change?
  • Environmental Changes & Effects on Organisms
Virtual Lab Investigations:Exploring Pond and Forest & Desert Virtual Ecosystems

Life Cycles of Plants and Animals
  • Plants and their needs
  • Main parts of plants
  • Root, stem, leaves and flowers
  • Germination of plants
  • Plant life cycles
  • All about animals
  • Animals with and without backbones
  • Animal growth and reproduction
  • Frog life cycle
  • Butterfly life cycle
  • Dragonfly life cycle
  • Inheritance of traits
  • Animal variation due to inheritance
  • Animals variation due to environment
  • Adaptation
Virtual Lab Investigation: Investigating what plants need to grow

How Does Earth’s Surface Change?
  • The Earth's surface
  • A Close-Up of the Earth's surface
  • Changes over time
  • The Earth
  • The Earth's core
  • Earth Inside and Out Interactive Activity
  • Landforms
  • Erosion and Deposition
  • Weathering
  • Physical weathering
  • Chemical weathering
  • Soil
  • Physical and Chemical Interactive Activity
  • Earth's plates
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanoes
  • Volcanic Islands
Virtual Lab Investigation: Exploring Changes to Earth's Surface

What is Weather
  • Thinking about Weather
  • Our Atmosphere
  • The Water Cycle
  • What is Weather?
  • Who Studies Weather?
  • Sky Condition
  • Types of Clouds
  • Precipitation
  • Humidity
  • Air Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Wind Speed & Direction
Virtual Lab Investigation: Measuring Weather Conditions

All About Energy Covers
  • What is Energy?
  • Energy for Life
  • Energy from the Sun
  • Energy Around Us
  • Forms of Energy
  • Energy Sources
  • Transfer of Energy
  • How Energy is Produced
Virtual Lab Investigation: Investigating Energy and Change

All About Matter Covers
  • What is Matter?
  • Describing Matter/Properties of Matter
  • Physical Properties of Matter
  • Measuring Matter
  • States of Matter
  • Changes to Matter (Gas, Liquid, Solid)
  • Mixtures & Solutions
  • Chemical Changes

  • Virtual Lab Investigation: Measuring and Describing Matter

Feature Interactive Activities, Lessons, Virtual Labs & Assessments!

Our comprehensive array of multimedia lessons are designed for multisensory learning in the classroom - ideal for interactive whiteboards for classroom instruction or individual student instruction on any computer.
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