English Language Arts Gr. 6 Visual Learning Guides™ Set of 10

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Perfect for independent review or even small group use, students may also use the guides as reference while playing NewPath’s Curriculum Mastery Games or as a complement to the corresponding Flip Charts!
Use Visual Learning Methods to Improve Student Performance!

Help your students make connections, understand relationships and recall related details using visual learning techniques. Each collection consists of 10 laminated, "write-on/wipe-off guides. Each guides covers a different topic and includes 4 panels -
  • Panel 1 features an illustrated overview of the concept
  • Panel 2 includes review exercises
  • Panel 3 includes a graphics organizer
  • Panel 4 provides assessment & review questions

Also includes a Teacher Guide and a CD featuring 750 illustrated, interactive flash cards for use on a computer or Interactive Whiteboard. Provides comprehensive coverage of the following curriculum topics -

1. Root Words 2. Prefixes and Suffixes 3. Spelling and Patterns 4. Parts of a Book 5. Context Clues 6. Making Predictions 7. Analogies 8. Sequencing 9. Punctuation: Commas, Semicolons and Colons 10. Spelling Common Homonyms

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