Impaired Driving Bulletin Board Chart Set of 8


Complete illustrated view of driving while impaired, its dangers and prevention.

These colorful and lively “write-on/wipe off” charts with easy-to-follow illustrated information provide your students with an engaging means to learn all about the dangers of drug use and underage drinking and its consequences of driving under the influence.

Each 12” x 18” chart is double-sided and laminated. One side features visual presentation of the topic, while the reverse side includes corresponding “write-on/ wipe-off” activities for review & reinforcement.

The collection includes the following charts:

  1. What is impaired Driving?
  2. Drugs vs. Alcohol
  3. Effects of Drugs on the Brain
  4. Effects of Alcohol on the Brain
  5. Dangers of impaired Driving
  6. What is a DUI?
  7. Marijuana-Impaired Driving
  8. Preventing Impaired Driving


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