Being a Good Citizen Bulletin Board Chart Set of 7 - Early Childhood Spanish Edition

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"Write-On - Wipe Off", 18" x 12" Laminated Charts are ideal for any early childhood classroom!

The 7-chart set covers Being a Good Citizen. Each 18” x 12” chart is double-sided and laminated. One side provides an illustrated overview of the topic, while the reverse features “write-on/wipe-off” graphic organizers, questions and other review activities.

Being a Good Citizen Bulletin Board Chart Set includes the following 7 charts:
  • Nuestro gobierno (Our Government)
  • Los derechos para todos los ciudadanos (Rights for all Citizens)
  • La Promesa de Lealtad (Pledge of Allegiance)
  • Símbolos nacionales (National Symbols)
  • Monumentos conmemorativos )Monuments & Memorials)
  • El presidente (The President)
  • Reglas de la escuela (Rules at School)

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