Complete Earth Science Multimedia Set of 10 Lessons

Single User Version - W54-6300 - $179.95 Allows installation of the Multimedia Lesson on a single computer. Multi-User Version - W54-6500 - $299.95 Allows installation of the Multimedia Lesson on an unlimited number of computers within a single school building. Mac and Win Compatible.Developed in partnership with National Institutes of Health (NIH) and thoroughly researched and extensively tested in the classroom to ensure the maximum positive impact on student comprehension, NewPath’s Multimedia Lessons offer a proven method for ensuring student success!

For additional information on the NIH Research Study: “Impact to Using NewPath’s Science Multimedia Lessons on Student Learning”

Perfect for individual student instruction on any computer and for classroom presentation on any Interactive Whiteboard, each title contains a comprehensive array of multimedia lessons and activities along with an inquiry-based Student Activity Guide –
  • Lesson Presentation – Consists of a series of narrated, visual presentations – each featuring highly-detailed graphics and illuminating animations.
  • Interactive Activities – Includes a variety of interactive whiteboard resources, a virtual lab investigation and a Lab Activity Guide.
  • Visual Resources – Provides additional images as well as the individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation module.
  • Vocabulary – Features an illustrated view of key vocabulary, allowing you to choose any of the terms along with their corresponding images and definitions.
  • Assessment – Consists of a series of assessment/review questions for use in either a Quiz Mode, Practice Mode or Play Mode.
Includes the following 10 complete lessons:

1. Minerals


• Properties of Minerals
• Identifying Minerals
• How Do Minerals Form?
• Uses of Minerals

Virtual Lab Investigation: Mineral Identification

2. Rocks


• Classifying Rocks
• Igneous Rocks
• Sedimentary Rocks
• Metamorphic Rocks

Virtual Lab Investigation: Rock Identification

3. Plate Tectonics


• Earth’s Interior
• Continental Drift
• Sea-Floor Spreading
• Theory of Plate Tectonics

Virtual Lab Investigation: Tectonic Plate Boundaries

4. Earthquakes


• How Earth’s Surface Changes
• Types of Seismic Waves
• Measuring Earthquakes
• Earthquake Damage & Safety

Virtual Lab Investigation: Earthquake Simulator

5. Volcanoes


• Volcanoes & Plate Boundaries
• Volcanic Eruptions
• Life Cycle of a Volcano
• Volcanic Landforms

Virtual Lab Investigation: Volcano Simulator

6. Earth’s Surface


• Landforms
• Topographic Maps
• Weathering & Erosion
• Cycle of Erosion & Deposition

Virtual Lab Investigation: Topographic Maps

7. Earth’s Atmosphere & Weather


• The Atmosphere
• Weather Factors
• Weather Patterns
• Predicting the Weather

Virtual Lab Investigation: Weather Forecasting

8. Earth’s Climate


• Causes of Climate
• Climate Regions/Types
• Causes of Climate Change
• Global Warming

Virtual Lab Investigation: Earth’s Seasons

9. Our Solar System


• Formation of Solar System
• The Sun
• The Inner Planets
• The Outer Planets

Virtual Lab Investigation: Planet Exploration

10. The Sun-Earth-Moon System


• How Earth Moves
• Phases, Eclipses & Tides
• Earth’s Moon
• Missions to the Moon

Virtual Lab Investigation: Simulating the Sun-Earth-Moon System

Feature Interactive Activities, Lessons, Virtual Labs & Assessments!

Our comprehensive array of multimedia lessons are designed for multisensory learning in the classroom - ideal for interactive whiteboards for classroom instruction or individual student instruction on any computer.
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