FLORIDA Grade 1 Language Arts Curriculum Mastery® Game - Take-Home Edition

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FLORIDA Grade 1 Language Arts Curriculum Mastery® Game - Take-Home Edition

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Excellent Means of Stimulating Parental Involvement

The Take-Home edition is designed to stimulate outside review and parental involvement. Each Take-Home version includes -
  • 25 individually packaged games
  • Teacher & Parent Planning & Resource Guide
  • Includes FREE 1-Year Premium Subscription to NewPath's Online Learning Program providing access to Language Arts games, interactive activities, quizzes and more ($199.95 Value!)
Every game is individually packaged in a vinyl folder and features a set of 30 standards-based review questions, a double-sided game board and materials for up to four students. Provides comprehensive coverage of the following Sunshine State Standards-based topics -

1. Beginning Sounds
2. Ending Sounds
3. Consonant Blends & Digraphs
4. Rhyming Words
5. Short Vowel
6. Discriminating Short Vowels
7. Long Vowel - Silent e
8. High Frequency Words I
9. High Frequency Words II
10. Compound Words
11. Categorizing Words
12. Nouns
13. Pronouns
14. Capitalizing I
15. Spelling
16. Alphabetizing
17. Periods & Question Marks
18. Real or Fantasy
19. Main Idea
20. Three Step Directions
21. Logical Order
22. Predictions
23. Identify Settings
24. Complete Sentences
25. Story Retell

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