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Standards-Based, Interactive Review Cards are Perfect for Review and Assessment Prep!
Includes 750 interactive review cards, providing comprehensive coverage of the current national curriculum standards. Perfect for use in review and assessment preparation by an individual student or for use on an Interactive Whiteboard with the entire class. Compatible with either Windows or Mac. Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics -

1. Whole Numbers to Trillions
2. Commutative/Associative Properties
3. Distributive Property
4. Equivalent Fractions
5. Percents
6. Ordering Rational Numbers
7. Add/Subtract Fractions
8. Multiply/Divide Fractions
9. Mixed Numbers
10. Multiple Representation of Rational Numbers
11. Percent, Rate, Base
12. Order of Operations
13. Repeated Multiplication to Exponents
14. Exponents to Repeated Multiplication
15. Evaluate Exponents
16. inverse Operations
17. Evaluate Formulas
18. Simple Proportions
19. Area of Triangles & Quadrilaterals
20. Area & Circumference of Circles
21. Plotting Points
22. Area of Coordinate Polygons
23. Measurement Conversion
24. Statistics & Probability
25. Graphs

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