Alphabet Activity Series - Sound Jigsaws and Word Matching Workbook - Grades K - 1 - Print Version

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The Sound Jigsaws and Word Matching Print Version Workbook is Perfect for early literacy lessons in Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

Your students will identify sounds through cut-and-paste activities, read and draw, true and false, matching words to pictures, and labeling activities. These exercises are designed to foster and reinforce sound recognition, letter formation, letter-sound relationship, and fine motor skills.
Alphabet Activity Series - Book 2 - Sound Jigsaws and Word Matching - Print Version
Grade Level: K - 1
56 pages
Series includes 4 workbooks.

Develop introductory reading, spelling and handwriting skills! Each Alphabet Activity workbook is comprised of a set of practical exercises that will enhance any early elementary literacy program. These activities feature child-friendly graphics and are presented in a comprehensive sequence of increasing difficulty which is designed to motivate students to learn and grow.

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