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Developed by teachers using research-based techniques, NewPath’s extensive line of classroom-tested, curriculum resources provide an engaging means to review and reinforce key, standards-based skills. NewPath’s library of over 1,000 products provides a variety of motivating formats to improve comprehension, including Interactive Print; Online Digital Resources & Lessons; and Hands-On Curriculum Activities. Together, these award-winning materials can be used to cover a specific curriculum topic/skill, or provide an entire year’s curriculum for Grades K – 10 Math, Science, Reading/ELA and Social Studies. NewPath’s curriculum resources can be used for the following Review & Reinforcement applications for classroom, extended day or home study:

  • Provide a means to assess individual student & group aptitude on standards-based skills
  • Offer engaging means of instruction on these key skills
  • Differentiate instruction for individual students, small groups or entire classes
  • Provide a means of formative assessment to gauge progress
  • Supply a variety of assessment means to accommodate diverse earning styles while engaging the students

Below are examples of representative items designed to meet these applications. Please contact us for specific recommendations, custom configurations or bundles to meet the specific needs of your school or district. Additionally, other NewPath products for specific grades, subjects, topics or product category can be found using the online search and navigation tools.
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  1. Colors, Shapes & Numbers Activity Kit
    Colors, Shapes & Numbers Activity Kit
    SKU: 23-0304
  2. Fraction Tiles Activity Kit
    Fraction Tiles Activity Kit
    SKU: 23-3301
  3. Fractions, Decimals & Percents Activity Kit
    Fractions, Decimals & Percents Activity Kit
    SKU: 23-3303
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