Author’s Craft: Purpose & Point of View - Laminated, "Write-On/Wipe-Off" Visual Learning Guide Gr. 5

This colorful, laminated, "Write-On/Wipe-Off" graphical guide breaks down difficult skills into easy-to-understand single concepts to make comprehension easier.
The laminated guide is 11” x 17” and consists of four-pages:
Page 1: Features self-directed instruction and easy-to-follow illustrated explanations
Page 2: Contains Practice & Review activities
Page 3: Includes a graphic organizer or review activity for further practice and reinforcement of the concepts
Page 4: Features assessment preparation questions
Perfect for:
• Independent study in-class or at home! • Learning and resource centers • Stand-alone reference for review of key concepts • Homework assignments • Teaching resource to supplement any program Students may also use the guides as reference while playing NewPath’s Curriculum Mastery Games or as a complement to the corresponding Flip Charts! Each guide is leveled by grade and aligned to national and state standards.
Call NewPath to inquire about custom pack configurations tailored to meet your specific curriculum needs! Author’s Craft: Purpose & Point of View - Laminated, "Write-On/Wipe-Off" - 4-Page, 11" x 17" Visual Learning Guide Gr. 5
Visual Learning Guides help students:

• Visualize abstract ideas and make them concrete
• Connect prior knowledge to new concepts
• Clarify concepts, organize and analyze information
• Provide a structured learning approach
• Focus on key grade-appropriate skills
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