Genetics and Heredity Poster Set of 4 - Laminated - 23" x 35"

Engaging, colorfully illustrated laminated posters provide your students with an introduction to genetics and heredity.

Each poster is 23" x 35" and laminated for years of use. The set includes the following 4 posters:

1. Modern Genetics
Illustrated Overview of Chromosomes, Genes, DNA & DNA Fingerprinting! Thorough, visual overview of the structure and function of chromosomes, genes and DNA. Also provides a step-by-step procedure for DNA fingerprinting.
2. Genetics: Study of Heredity
Comprehensive coverage of Mendel's experiments; dominant & recessive alleles; chromosomes & inheritance; phenotypes & genotypes; and Punnett Square!
3. How Genes Work
A fascinating and informative look at genes & chromosomes, DNA structure & replication and protein synthesis.
4. Gene Technology
Features detailed information and illustrations on DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, vaccine production and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
Illustrated charts provide graphical representation of key concepts in Math, Science & Language Arts.
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