Life On Earth Poster Set of 6 - Laminated - 23" x 35"

Engaging, colorfully illustrated laminated posters provide your students with an introduction to life of Earth.

Each poster is 23" x 35" and laminated for years of use. The set includes the following 6 posters:

1. The six kingdoms of life
Provides a detailed, illustrated look at classifications and the six kingdoms of life
2. All about plants
Covers gymnosperms & angiosperms; seed structure; and non-vascular & vascular plants.
3. Photosynthesis and respiration
Visualize the Process of Photosynthesis & Respiration! Comprehensive coverage of the steps of photosynthesis and the two stages of respiration.
4. All about animals
A visual overview of the characteristics, functions & structure of animals; animal symmetry; and the major animal groups.
5. Ecosystems, food chains and food webs
A graphic look at biomes, food webs & chains as well as the role they play in nature.
6. Microlife
An Illustrated Survey of Bacteria, Fungi & Protists! Features illustrations and photographs of a typical bacterial cell, various fungi types, as well as amoeba, paramecium and euglena.
Illustrated charts provide graphical representation of key concepts in Math, Science & Language Arts.
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