Physical Science Poster Set of 5 - Laminated - 23" x 35"

Engaging, colorfully illustrated laminated posters provide your students with an introduction to key Physical science topics.

Each poster is 23" x 35" and laminated for years of use. The set includes the following 5 posters:

1. Forces and motion
Provides a detailed overview of forces, gravity, motion and momentum as well as Newton's Law.
2. Electricity
A graphic look at electric charge, current, circuits and power! Also provides an overview of voltage, resistance and Ohm's Law.
3. Magnetism
What is a magnet? How do magnetic fields work? How can magnetism generate electricity?
4. Sound
Take a comprehensive look at sound waves as well as their characteristics, properties and uses.
5. Light
Features a detailed overview of light waves; reflection & refraction; and mirrors, lenses & their applications.
Illustrated charts provide graphical representation of key concepts in Math, Science & Language Arts.
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