Plate Tectonics Curriculum Learning Module

Covers Current State & National Science Standards - Including Next Generation Science (NGSS)! NewPath’s Plate Tectonics Curriculum Learning Module provides a complete set of visual, digital and hands-on resources designed to support teacher instruction and provide students with the skills to master key concepts on Plate Tectonics. $120 value for ONLY $89.95!Used in combination or individually, your students will gain thorough comprehension from an engaging blend of technology-based instruction, interactive print resources and game-based learning. Includes detailed, standards-based coverage of:
  • Earth’s Interior
  • Heat Transfer & Convection Currents
  • Continental Drift
  • Sea-Floor Spreading
  • Theory of Plate Tectonics
  • Plate Tectonic Boundaries
  • Changes in Earth’s Surface
  • Volcanoes & Plate Boundaries
  • Earthquakes & Plate Boundaries
Each module includes:
  • 1 Flip Chart (34-6823)
  • 1 Student Learning Guide (14-6823)
  • 1 Vocabulary Review Card Set
  • 1 Curriculum Mastery Game (4 players)
  • 1 Year Online Learning Subscription (51-0001)
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