Energy Bingo! Game

The Perfect Means to Review Energy, its Sources and Uses!

Safe, clean and affordable sources of energy are critical for the future of our planet. What is renewable energy? What is non-renewable energy? What are the benefits and risks associated with fossil fuels? How can we harness wind and wave energy? Is geothermal energy useful in our homes? Using Energy Bingo!, your students will be introduced to the basic vocabulary and concepts related to energy. They will also be challenged to think and draw conclusions about energy resources and the consequences and challenges of using them. Includes 75 double-sided review cards. One side features a color photograph and key information about a specific energy concept. The reverse side includes a question, challenge or learning statement. In addition to the review cards, each game includes 30 full-color Bingo cards, 300 markers and a comprehensive teacher's guide. Printed in color on durable, heavy cardstock, the cards can also be used as standalone flash cards for independent or small group study.
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