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Pattern & Sorting Games CLASSROOM KIT - ENGLISH (83-0025)
Pattern & Sorting Games FAMILY KIT - ENGLSH (83-0075)
Pattern & Sorting Games Teacher Guide - ENGLISH 18-0025)
Pattern & Sorting Games CLASSROOM KIT - SPANISH (83-0125)
Pattern & Sorting Games FAMILY KIT - SPANISH (83-0175)
Pattern & Sorting Games Teacher Guide - SPANISH 18-0125)

EDC's Young Mathematicians kits provide teachers and parents with games that are fun, spark conversations about math and provide rich learning opportunities. The games are designed to promote persistence, problem-solving and puzzling skills, and support social-emotional learning.

These turnkey kits contain everything needed to start playing right away - either in the classroom or at home - and are available in English or Spanish.

Sorting objects by their attributes and noticing patterns are some of the ways that children instinctually make sense of their world around them. Children love to sort collections by the attributes that the objects have in common— color, size, use, feel and more. The sorting games start with a simple Yes/No Sort and become more advanced with the game Mystery Rule, where children try to guess some else’s sorting rule. The pattern games invite children to notice and create patterns by playfully creating, copying, extending, fixing and transferring patterns. Combined, these games encourage children to see the patterns that exist all around us. When you pay close attention, you will find patterns in song, dance, poetry, art, buildings, nature and numbers. Patterns repeat in a regular way—once you recognize a pattern structure, you can predict what comes next.

The kit includes the following 9 games:

› Game 1: Yes/No Sort
› Game 2: Mystery Rule
› Game 3: Copy My Pattern
› Game 4: Caterpillars and Crafts
› Game 5: Dance Patterns
› Game 6: What’s Missing?
› Game 7: Extend the Pattern
› Game 8: Same Rule, Different Stuff
› Game 9: Make It from Memory

Both the Classroom and Family kit include a comprehensive Teacher Guide that describes the reasoning and the research behind the games and minibooks. The guide also includes easy-to-follow directions to each game, as well as QR codes that link to videos about how to play each game and the mathematics the children are learning.

Also included with each kit is a book featuring Math Minibooks that complement the math games with short stories and play-along activities that teachers or families can read and color with children. Each minibook has a short problem-solving story that ends with a game or activity that is related to the games in the kits. These minibooks further children’s mathematics learning and support adults and children when talking about math at home and at school.

The Classroom Kit accommodates up to 20 students, while the Family Kit has enough materials for the child to play with his parents and siblings.

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