Owl Pellet Dissection & Prey Identification Visual Learning Guide


Also Available in Set of 10

Laminated, "Write-On/Wipe-Off" Guide provides visual learning resources to learn all about owl pellets, dissection and prey identification!

The laminated 11" x 17" guide includes 4 pages
  • Page 1 features an illustrated description of Owl Pellets and how they form
  • Page 2 covers owl pellet dissection
  • Page 3 presents prey bone identification and sorting
  • Page 4 provides detailed prey skeletons
These colorful graphical guides break down difficult subjects into easy-to-understand single concepts to make comprehension easier. Each 11” x 17” guide is laminated and consists of four-panels which include self-directed readings, easy-to-follow illustrated explanations, guiding questions, a graphic organizer, key vocabulary and assessment review questions. Perfect for Independent Review or Small Group use, students may also use the guides as reference while playing NewPath’s Curriculum Mastery Games or as a complement to the corresponding Flip Charts! Each collection is leveled by grade and includes 10 visual learning guides, each covering a different standards-based topic for Math, Science & Language Arts.
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