ELA - Literacy Readiness Early Childhood Curriculum Module


Comprehensive Early Childhood Curriculum Designed for Small-Group or Whole-Class Instruction!

Drawing upon the latest research and practice in early language and literacy instruction, NewPath’s Early Childhood ELA & Literacy Readiness Curriculum Module is designed to support teacher instruction while engaging and enriching your students’ foundational literacy skills.

Provides everything you need to teach key Early Childhood ELA & Literacy skills with step-by-step instructions and suggested activities for further study. The curriculum covers 5 Units of Study consisting of 50 Lessons, following a developmental progression which can be easily integrated into any existing curriculum.

Unit 1: The Alphabet

Unit 2: Word Families

Unit 3: Phonemic Awareness

Unit 4: Writing Readiness

Unit 5: Reading Readiness

The Early Childhood ELA & LITERACY Readiness Curriculum Module includes the following resources:

• 5 Flip Charts -  each with a Teacher Guide

• 5 Student Activity Guides 

• 4 Learning Centers

Instructional Task Module Component
Direct Instruction /
Teacher Modeling
Flip Charts with Teacher Guide - Each Flip Chart Set has 10 double-sided,
laminated charts (12”x18”) each covering a different lesson. Side 1 of each chart provides an illustrated lesson, while Side 2 includes “write-on/wipe-off” student activities. The charts are spiral bound in a sturdy free-standing easel for easy display.
Independent Guided Practice Student Activity Guide - Each full-color, 44-page Activity Guide covers 10 different concepts with colorful overviews, practice activities and coloring pages to build and reinforce comprehension of key ELA skills. The variety of activities allows the teacher to select appropriate instruction based upon varied, individual learning levels.
The activities can be used independently for review, assessment or as part of related classroom instruction.
Group Practice/Play Learning Centers are complete, easy-to-use activity stations, perfect for
reinforcement of essential ELA skills. Designed for either teacher-directed instruction or independent learning working in groups of 2-4 students.


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