ELA Common Core Curriculum Mastery® Flip Chart Set - Grade 7

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Each ELA Common Core Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart is mounted on a sturdy easel and features -
  • 10 Double-sided, laminated 12" x 18" charts
  • Side 1 features a graphic representation of the concept
  • Side 2 includes "write-on/wipe-off" student activity templates
  • Activity Guide featuring black-line copy-masters & exercises
Set Includes the following 10 Charts:
  1. Analyzing Effects of Time on Character & Plot
  2. Tools Used to Create Structure for Poems
  3. Developing Points of View of Characters
  4. Identifying Techniques used in Audio,Film, Stage & Multimedia
  5. Identifying History in Fiction
  6. Recognizing Signal Words to Evaluate an Argument
  7. Distinguishing Text Features Used to Provide Meaning
  8. Determining the Point of View in Informational Text
  9. Tracing the Author’s Claim for Informational Text
  10. Analyzing Two Different Authors Claims About the Same Topic

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