Grade 6 Language Arts Curriculum Mastery® Game - Class-Pack Edition

Standard Correlation
Features 25 individually packaged sets of 30 full-color, review cards per topic - a total of 750 curriculum-based questions! Also includes 12 double-sided, theme-based game boards; comprehensive Teacher Planning & Resource Guide; and FREE 1-Year Premium Subscription to NewPath's Online Learning Program providing access to Language Arts games, interactive activities, quizzes and more. Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics -

1. Root Words
2. Prefix/Suffix
3. Syllables/Spelling Patterns
4. Vocabulary
5. Text Features
6. Parts of a Book
7. Literary Elements/Poetic Devices
8. High Frequency Words I
9. High Frequency Words II
10. Drawing Conclusions
11. Main Idea
12. Drawing Inferences
13. Summarize
14. Supporting Details
15. Context Clues
16. Making Predictions
17. Cause/Effect, Fact/Opinion
18. Author`s Purpose/Point of View
19. Analogies
20. Sentence Purpose Identification
21. Sequencing
22. Extraneous Detail
23. Parts of Speech
24. Punctuation
25. Spelling
NewPath Learning Curriculum Mastery® Games are ready-to-use Learning Centers, perfect for Differentiated Instruction in Math, Science, Language Arts & Social Studies! The game-based learning systems provide hands-on learning for reinforcement and review of key topics, leveled by grade and aligned to current educational standards, including Common Core and NGSS.! Ideal For: • Grade 1-8 Classrooms • Special Education • Title I Programs • Learning Centers • Assessment Prep & Review • Classroom Practice & Review • Summer School & After School Programs • Home-School or Tutoring • Parental Involvement
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