Math Problem-Solving Series Workbook- Book 2 - Grades 5 - 6 - Print Version

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Math Problem-Solving Series - Book 2 - Print Version
incorporates a scope & sequence approach covering all of the elementary math standards!

Challenge your students with a collection of grade appropriate activities which foster mathematical skills. Each problem-solving strategy is introduced individually and fully explained, so that it can be taught explicitly, practiced, and then applied to problems which correlate to students` school or life experiences.

The activities follow a scope and sequence and are divided into seven strategy-based sections:

  • • Guess and check
  • • Draw a diagram
  • • Logical reasoning
  • • Make a list
  • • Find a pattern
  • • Work backwards
  • • Solve an easier version

Each section begins with a detailed explanation of the strategy and then students are guided through a "scaffolding" approach to eventual mastery of the strategy.
Math Problem-Solving Series - Book 2 - Print Version
Grade Level: 5 - 6
48 pages.
Series includes 3 workbooks.

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