Minerals Student Learning Guide - Grades 6 - 10 - Downloadable eBook

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Minerals Student Learning Guide - Downloadable eBook provides full-color comprehensive coverage of key next generation science for grades 6 – 10.
Features – Self-directed readings, easy-to-follow illustrated explanations, guiding questions, inquiry-based activities, a lab investigation, key vocabulary review and assessment review questions, along with a post-test.
Covers the following topics:
  • • What is a Mineral?
  • • Minerals vs. Rocks
  • • Properties of Minerals
  • • Crystals
  • • How do Minerals Form?
  • • Mineral Resources
  • • Mining and the Environment
  • • Use of Minerals
  • • Identifying Minerals
  • • Vocabulary Review
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Covers Middle School Next Generation Science Standards.
Grade Level: 6 - 10
40 pages
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