Pathways to Literacy Excellence Series Workbook- Book 3 - Grades 6 - 7 - Print Version

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Pathways to Literacy Excellence Series - Book 3 - increases reading & spelling abilities through the exploration of phonetic variations.


  • • Phonics
  • • Punctuation
  • • Word Families
  • • Grammar
  • • Key Sounds

Pathways to Literacy Excellence Series - Book 3 - Print Version
Grade Level: 6-7
64 pages
Series includes 3 workbooks.

Leveled by spelling proficiency, the three-book series promotes ability in phonics, punctuation, word families and grammar. Each book contains 40 units with each unit focused on three key sounds. A corresponding set of words is provided for each unit which demonstrates these sounds. For most units, the sounds are consistent, allowing for the use of activities from each book within one class based upon student spelling and reading levels. Accompanying word study activities complement the program. These exercises encourage students to take an interest in word families and understand the concept of grouping words as nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Also included are sections that explore the many spelling aberrations of the English language.

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