STAAR Gr. 8 – Organisms and Environments Flip Chart Set

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Perfect for Student Review & Preparation for Science STAAR!
Illustrated presentations of the structures and functions of living organisms and their interdependence on each other and their environment.

Provide your students with engaging, graphical instruction and “write-on/wipe-off” activities to introduce, practice, review and reinforce key science concepts covered in the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STARR). The colorfully illustrated pages in each set break down difficult science topics into easy-to-understand, individual concepts to facilitate comprehension. Each double-sided 12" x 18" flip chart page is laminated and spiral-bound on a sturdy, free-standing easel. One side features self-directed readings and easy-to-follow graphical explanations while the reverse provides “write-on/ wipe-off” exercises for review and reinforcement. Also includes a Student Activity Guide with copy-masters of charts and review questions.

Perfect for:

  • Independent Student Instruction
  • Small Group, Interactive Presentations
  • Learning Centers
  • Classroom Reference
  • Home Review
Set Includes the following 10 Charts:

  1. Ecosystems. Food Chains & Food Webs
  2. Food Web Balance
  3. Ocean Ecology
  4. Cycles of Life & Biomes
  5. Classification of Living Things
  6. Genetics: The Study of Heredity
  7. Human Body Systems
  8. Cells – The Basic Units of Life
  9. How Traits are Inherited
  10. The Six Kingdoms of Life
  11. Key Vocabulary

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