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Perfect for individual student instruction on any computer and for classroom presentation on any Interactive Whiteboard, each title contains a comprehensive array of multimedia lessons and activities along with an inquiry-based Student Activity Guide –

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  • Interactive Activities – Includes a variety of interactive whiteboard resources, a virtual lab investigation and a Lab Activity Guide.
  • Visual Resources – Provides additional images as well as the individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation module.
  • Vocabulary – Features an illustrated view of key vocabulary, allowing you to choose any of the terms along with their corresponding images and definitions.
  • Assessment – Consists of a series of assessment/review questions for use in either a Quiz Mode, Practice Mode or Play Mode.


Cell Energy
     The Sun Is the Main Source of Energy
     How Do Organisms Obtain Energy?
     Autotrophs and Heterotrophs
Overview of Photosynthesis
     What Is Photosynthesis?
     Plants Need Water and Carbon Dioxide
     Plants Produce Oxygen and Food
Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis
     Where Does Photosynthesis Occur?
     Water Movement to the Leaves
     Leaf Stomata and Carbon Dioxide
     Guard Cells Respond to the Environment
     Pore Is Open in Daylight
Process of Photosynthesis
     Chemical Equation for Photosynthesis
     Stage One of Photosynthesis
     Water and Oxygen in Stage One
     Stage Two of Photosynthesis
     How Does the Plant Use Glucose?
     Oxygen Produced and Released
Pause and Interact  
     Chemical Equation for Photosynthesis
Overview of Cellular Respiration
     What Is Cellular Respiration?
     Who Uses Cellular Respiration?
     Cellular Respiration Equation
Process of Cellular Respiration
     Two Stages of Cellular Respiration
     Stage One of Cellular Respiration
     Stage Two of Cellular Respiration
     Energy and Cellular Respiration
     What is ATP?
     Products of Cellular Respiration
Pause and Interact  
     Chemical Equation for Cellular Respiration
     Cellular Respiration
Connection between Photosynthesis and Respiration
     Opposite Processes
     Comparing Equations
     Cycle of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
     What Is Fermentation?
     Alcoholic Fermentation
     What Does Yeast Do in Bread Dough?
     Lactic Acid Fermentation
     Lactic Acid and Sore Muscles
Vocabulary Review
     Vocabulary Matching Review
Virtual Investigation
     The Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Light on Photosynthesis
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