Timed Math Problems Series Workbook - Book 1 - Grades 3 - 4 - Print Version

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Timed Math Problems Series - Book 1 - Print Version is for grades 3-4 and provides a comprehensive assortment of problems - spanning the curriculum!

The problems are presented in a unique "Task Card" layout and are grouped by how long it typically takes to solve the problem - 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The "Task Cards" can be copied, cut, laminated and organized in a variety of manners making it easy for students to choose appropriate activities based upon content and skill level. Each section starts with an explanation on how a strategy is employed, followed by examples showing its application to a variety of problems.
Timed Math Problems Series - Book 1 - Print Version
Grade Level: 3 - 4
40 pages
Series includes 2 workbooks.

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