ELA Common Core Curriculum Mastery® Flip Chart Set - Grade 8


Each ELA Common Core Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart is mounted on a sturdy easel and features -
  • 10 Double-sided, laminated 12" x 18" charts
  • Side 1 features a graphic representation of the concept
  • Side 2 includes "write-on/wipe-off" student activity templates
  • Activity Guide featuring black-line copy-masters & exercises
Set Includes the following 10 Charts:
  1. Analyzing Dialogue to Understand a Character
  2. Determining the Meaning of Figurative Language
  3. Identifying Dramatic Irony
  4. Comparing a Book to its Film Version
  5. Evaluating Text Structure for Meaning
  6. Providing an Objective Summary of an Informational Text
  7. Finding the Meaning from Comparisons,Categories & Analogies
  8. Comparing & Contrasting Multimedia Text to Printed Text
  9. Evaluating an Argument
  10. Assessing the Evidence
Curriculum Mastery Learning Flip Charts provide graphical instruction, along with “Write-On/Wipe-Off” activities. The charts are leveled by grade and available for Science, Math and Language Arts. Each Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart Set has ten double-sided, laminated 12" x 18" charts providing thorough coverage of 10 different topics for a specific grade and subject.
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