6th Grade Language Arts Skills Curriculum Learning Module

Provides a complete set of resources designed to support teacher instruction and student mastery of 25 standards-based, 6th Grade Language Arts topics including:
    1. Root Words 2. Prefix/Suffix 3. Syllables/Spelling Patterns 4. Vocabulary 5. Text Features 6. Parts of a Book 7. Literary Elements/Poetic Devices 8. High Frequency Words I 9. High Frequency Words II 10. Drawing Conclusions 11. Main Idea 12. Drawing Inferences 13. Summarize 14. Supporting Details 15. Context Clues 16. Making Predictions 17. Cause/Effect, Fact/Opinion 18. Author`s Purpose/Point of View 19. Analogies 20. Sentence Purpose Identification 21. Sequencing 22. Extraneous Detail 23. Parts of Speech 24. Punctuation 25. Spelling
Used in combination or individually, the resources provide detailed instruction of key concepts through a blend of technology-based instruction combined with hands-on review/reinforcement and game-based learning.

6th Grade Language Arts Curriculum Learning Module Includes:
  • Curriculum Mastery Game (22-6001)
  • Flip Chart Set (32-6001)
  • Visual Learning Guide Set (62-6001)
  • 1-Year Online Learning Subscription (51-0001)
Covers Current National and State Language Arts Standards! Integrated Program Provides Both Hands-On & Online Learning Resources. Ideal for: Differentiated Instruction, Learning Centers, Small Groups, Individual Review, and as a Classroom Resource.

$385 value for ONLY $179.95!
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