Alcohol Abuse & Addiction Flip Chart Set


Complete illustrated study of alcohol abuse and addiction, including its effects on the body and mind, treatment options and prevention of underage drinking!

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a medical condition that doctors diagnose when someone’s drinking causes them distress or harm. AUD ranges from mild to severe. Alcohol is the most commonly used substance of abuse among young people in America, and drinking when you’re underage puts your health and safety at risk.

These colorful and lively “write-on/wipe off” charts with easy-to-follow illustrated information provide your students with an engaging means to learn all about the dangers of underage drinking and its consequences, including treatment options for abuse and prevention techniques.

Each of the 10 double-sided, 12” x 18” charts listed below is laminated and consists of self-directed readings with easy-to-follow illustrated explanations on one side, with “write-on/wipe off” exercises on the reverse side. The 10 charts are spiral bound on a sturdy free-standing easel for easy display anywhere! A Student Activity Guide with copymaster activities and review questions is included.

Set Includes the following 10 double-sided, laminated Charts:

Chart # 1: Alcohol Use Disorder
Chart # 2: Alcohol and the Brain
Chart # 3: Effects of Alcohol on the Body
Chart # 4: Underage Drinking
Chart # 5: Negative Consequences
Chart # 6: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Chart # 7: Alcohol Poisoning
Chart # 8: Preventing Underage Drinking
Chart # 9: Alcohol Statistics
Chart #10: Getting Help

Perfect for:

  • Independent Student Instruction
  • Small Group, Interactive Presentations
  • Learning Centers
  • Classroom Reference
  • At-Home Learning
Curriculum Mastery Learning Flip Charts provide graphical instruction, along with “Write-On/Wipe-Off” activities. The charts are leveled by grade and available for Science, Math and Language Arts. Each Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart Set has ten double-sided, laminated 12" x 18" charts providing thorough coverage of 10 different topics for a specific grade and subject.
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