1. How Can Special Education Programs Serve Students with Special Needs?

    The term “Special Needs” is a broad category which currently encompasses over 15% of all US students. A child may need to attend a special education program at school for a variety of reasons. Learners with developmental delays, such as dyspraxia or

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  2. What Role Do NGSS Resources Have in Preparing Students for Future Career Opportunities?

    Many students are unable to create a direct link between their key subjects taught and their future careers. As a result, their lessons appear to be of little use to them. Students who put in the hours studying may be able to recite scientific

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  3. Multimedia Lessons Provide Teachers with An Innovative and Effective Way to Deliver Lessons

    There is a lot of evidence that using multimedia lessons in the classroom or for home study is a great resource for supporting the curriculum. More than 90% of teachers used multimedia resources efficiently over the previous academic year, according

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  4. Activity Books Assist Children in Developing Habits That Will Aid Them in Learning More Effectively

    Every parent wishes for their child's development to be as complete as possible. Introducing activity books to children at an early young age is one way for parents to accomplish this. When it comes to learning and processing information, children's

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  5. Importance Of Health Education in Today’s Schools

    Schools are becoming more widely recognized as a focal point for initiatives to improve the health and well-being of our young generation. The emphasis is on prevention. If we wish to solve major health and societal issues, we must approach students

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  6. Flipped Classroom – What It Is and How It Helps Improve Student Engagement

    The term "flipped classroom" originally referred to concepts like hybrid course design, course podcasting, active learning, and, of course, student interaction. The benefit of a flipped class is that it converts class time into a workshop where

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  7. Blended Learning - An Overview!

    To stay current with new learning models, new teaching methods have emerged to incorporate technology into traditional face-to-face, classroom instruction. The result is Blended learning, also known as “hybrid” or “mixed-mode” learning. Since t

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  8. Role Of Flashcards in Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners

    Let's start at the beginning. Have you ever wondered why children pick up their native language so quickly? Because they keep doing the same thing in the early years. And that routine typically includes associated an image or view with a sound

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  9. Classroom Games Help Students Develop Critical Thinking, Confidence, And Creative Abilities

    In a classroom full of adrenaline-fueled students, teaching can be a challenge. Perhaps the greatest challenge is gaining their attention. One key means to pique student interest and boost their attentiveness, is through educational gaming activities.

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  10. Importance of Online Homework Assignments

    What is the significance of homework? This is a popular question because doing schoolwork at home isn't viewed as fun by most students. So let's go through some of the fundamental reasons why it's beneficial to any student.


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