The Benefits of Using Digital Curriculum as Your Primary Teaching Resource

Distance and online learning resources have been available for decades, but the requirement for a successful digital curriculum has risen from the periphery of education to the foreground since 2020. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the digital curriculum was usually used as a supplement to traditional educational programs such as credit recovery and independent study. As online education became the standard style of remote learning, its use also shifted to regular classrooms across the country upon their return to in-person instruction.

Now that classes are reconvening in-person, it's critical to bring the finest principles we've learned from broad virtual learning to the traditional classroom. We'll go over why you should use digital curriculum as a fundamental educational resource, as well as the advantages it provides for both students and teachers.

The following are key reasons why teachers should adopt digital curriculum as a primary instructional resource, benefiting both them and their students:

How It Benefits Students

Individualized Learning

Students can take education autonomously and at their own speed using standards-based, digital curriculum platforms like NewPath Learning's Online Learning Program. Students can be empowered by having the ability to learn new concepts online since they can choose where, how, and when they learn best. Students can also use the online curriculum to skim through subjects in which they have already demonstrated mastery through pre-tests. This helps students to have a more tailored learning experience focusing on their knowledge gaps rather than a rehash of previously mastered skills.

Self-Assessment of Knowledge

Students will encounter many formative assessment questions that check for understanding as they move through classes using NewPath Learning's digital curriculum resources. Whether they answer an assessment question correctly or incorrectly, they always receive feedback on the proper answer as well as a brief explanation of why it is accurate. This immediate feedback allows pupils to determine whether they are on track in their learning process. After completing lessons, student’s progress to master tests, which the system automatically scores upon submission, indicating whether they are prepared to move to the next module or need to review the current material further.

Instruction Via Differentiation

One-size-fits-all learning is ineffective for the majority of students. Some students need graphics to understand concepts, whereas others prefer to read detailed explanations, and still others prefer an audio approach. In media-rich courses, content is presented in a variety of formats, allowing for different modes of learning to be addressed. Moreover, students who use digital curriculum resources often have access to a variety of tools and features that allow them to better relate to and comprehend the material they are studying. Whether they need to highlight text, pause and replay a video, or look up a word in a dictionary or glossary. All of these characteristics are built-in to many digital curriculum programs and are easily accessible to online learners to help them better engage with the content they're learning.

How It Benefits Teachers

Tools That Help You Save Time

For busy professionals, time is a valuable asset. There's so much to do and so little time for tasks such as lesson planning, grading, administrative work, and one-on-one interactions with students. Many of the time-consuming tasks that used to take hours can now be reduced substantially by employing an online curriculum as a fundamental educational resource. Rather than spending time preparing lessons, teachers can use the standards-based content and tools currently available in NewPath Learning's digital curriculum resources to develop personalized courses, meeting the differentiated needs of their individual classes or students. They'll then be able to focus their time on evaluating student work and enhancing one-on-one contacts with students based upon their specific needs.

Experiment With a Wide Range of Blended Learning Approaches

With digital curriculum resources, teachers have the freedom to experiment with a wide range of blended learning approaches that can improve student engagement and learning. They can then more effectively have individual students in their classes concentrate on exactly what they need to study to expand their comprehension. To discover more about how a variety of approaches work, check out NewPath’s blended learning “how-to” guide.

With Actionable Data as A Guide, You'll Be Able to Create More Effective Instructions

NewPath Learning is committed to providing educators with actionable data, which is why we make it a priority for them to be able to immediately identify whether students are on, below, or above grade level using our digital curriculum resource's sophisticated reporting capabilities. Rather than having to set aside time to mark paper-based assignments before determining the next steps, teachers can obtain real-time access to actionable data that can be utilized for driving instruction with our digital curriculum materials. This digital visibility into student development allows you to always know which pupils have mastered a subject or topic vs. those which ones require more help.

How Digital Curriculum Can Help Students Master Academic Standards and Build Skills for the Future

To assist children, achieve, many states have adopted the Common Core State Standards or utilize their own, state-generated requirements. These standards are intended to help students not only acquire course material in the classroom while also preparing them for college and the workplace. It's only logical to incorporate digital media into primary school lesson plans, given that it's certainly a big part of the future.

To achieve these goals, it is vital that students participate as much as possible in their classes. The younger a child is, the greater his ability to acquire knowledge. When establishing a digital curriculum in elementary schools, many states begin with early elementary grades and then progress to middle school and beyond.

Students cannot succeed unless they are engaged in the educational process. Adopting a digital curriculum such as NewPath Learning’s Online Learning Program, assist in gaining that engagement which has been found to particularly important in Title I environments. Lessons became more engaging, and lesson preparation and student progress tracking becames much more efficient.

NewPath Learning’s Online Learning Program Features Interactive Activities, Lessons, Virtual Labs & Assessments!

NewPath’s comprehensive array of digital curriculum resources is designed for multisensory learning in the classroom - ideal for interactive whiteboards for classroom instruction or individual student instruction on any computer. It allows teachers to provide their students with resources which can be used anytime… anywhere… and on any device.